Quaker Faith and Practice Group

This group meets once a month before Meeting for Worship from 9.30 to 10.20 am and is open to anyone who wishes to come.

Faith and practice group

Faith and practice group

Quaker Faith and Practice is a book that sets out to provide guidance through wide variety of writings, chosen to help us on our spiritual journeys. It consists of advice and counsel and a variety of extracts which encourage self-questioning and hearing each other in humility and love. The book is intended to show the interdependence of our faith and practice and to enrich our lives through the experiences and understandings of others.

The book is available on line at qfp.quaker.org.uk

We also have copies available in our meeting house library.

We read and discuss sections of the book together. We gain much from this as we appreciate a wider and deeper understanding of the writings of Friends with our varying interpretations.

We have recently read the section on prayer and have set out some extracts, which we feel give a range of thoughtful perspectives. (The first number is a cross reference to the paragraph in the book and the second the year it was written).

‘Prayer is not words or acts, but reaching down to love: holding our fellows in love, offering ourselves in love and being caught up in love’ (2.23 1937)

‘A friend tells me that when she prays for someone she does not so much pray to God for them as for God for them. This seems to me a vital clue about prayer. It is God that the troubled person needs, not our advice and instructions. As we learn more about worship we learn to listen more deeply so that we can be the channels though which God’s love reaches the other person.’

(2.26 1979)


Prayer is an act of sharing with God, the Spirit, and not an attempt to prompt God to action. It is a promise that I will do my best, even if what I am able to do seems too insignificant to be worthwhile. When I pray for peace, and that the hearts of those in authority may be changed, it is a promise that I shall do such things as write to those in power, share in vigils, and above all lead my own life, as far as possible, in such a manner as to take away the occasion for strife between individuals and between peoples.

(2.27 1984)