Fellowship Group

This group meets on alternate Monday evenings from 7.30pm to about 9.15. usually in the meeting house library or the meeting room. The group is open to everyone at the meeting and some Friends from other meetings in our area also attend occasionally.

The group began over 30 years ago as an opportunity for Friends to get to know each other better and has continued ever since. We put together a programme of talks and discussions and other activities including walks and visits. Many of the sessions are led by Friends in our meeting as well as some by outside speakers or by Friends from other Quaker meetings.

In each programme covering several months some sessions will have a specific Quaker theme while others will be more wide ranging. Some meetings will involve serious discussion while others will be much more light hearted.

Our recent programme has included a vegan meal, a talk about fracking and shale gas, a theatre visit to see “The Diary of Anne Frank”, a talk about the life of George Cadbury (with chocolate!) and a visit to the Peace Museum in Bradford.

A talk about George Cadbury
A talk about George Cadbury (1839 – 1922) his religious conviction. practical citizenship and vision for the future.
What do vegans eat?
Answering the question ‘What do vegans eat?’